Venice Vision

What do you want your community to look like?

                       Yes In Our Backyard... But In The Right Way!

Venice has a long tradition of welcoming people from all walks of life ... especially people in need.
In keeping with those values, our goal has always been to work with the City and County to find lasting solutions to homelessness in Venice, even where they involve compromise on the part of our community.

But Councilman Bonin's current homelessness plan is unfair and ill-conceived.

It places more than 85% of all homeless housing for Council District 11 in Venice's tiny 3-square-mile footprint -- on lots that are three to four times larger than the lots designated for homeless housing in other parts of the City. It squanders precious public funds through overpriced apartments. It allows for extensive 24/7 car dwelling around housing projects and along Venice's most important commercial corridors -- while banning it almost entirely in other parts of the Westside.

It contains no meaningful measures to curtail the growth of existing encampments (which increasingly breed crime). It fails to incorporate cost-effective, win-win strategies like mobile storage. It under-utilizes and undervalues some of the most high-potential real estate in the world. And it is being pushed through without transparency, without our consent, and without the kind of thorough community outreach obviously required for an undertaking of this size and scope.

Venice deserves better and, working together, we can do better.

  1. We ask that you immediately vote to delay the arbitrary authorization of large scale permanent housing on the Venice median strip that you originally approved in December 2016 without any input from us. With so much at stake, why the rush?
  2. We ask that you immediately rescind your vote to approve Venice Community Housing and Hollywood Community Housing Corp as the exclusive agents to develop affordable and permanent housing until it is determined that these kind of housing projects on The Venice Median are in the best interests of our community.
  3. Since Governor Brown has submitted a detailed budget plan for 2017 to eliminate $400 million for constructing affordable housing due, in part, to high building costs and fees imposed by local governments, we demand that you and the Council show more wisdom and fiduciary responsibility in determining how the initial monies from the passage of Prop HHH are being spent.