Our free educational workshops are presentations by Venice Vision Group members; we're your neighbors. We will explain in detail the facts we very carefully researched in understandable layman terms so that you understand what is happening in our neighborhood.  

Join an existing one, or schedule your own in your home or our conference room. 

Venice, A Community With Heart And Soul

We are a group of neighbors from various parts of Venice who came together in a non-partisan way to better understand Councilman Bonin's personal vision for the future of Venice. His ideas appear to be about having our community bear the weight of [theoretically] solving Los Angeles’ entire homeless problem by building expensive permanent housing on city-owned properties. However, his ideas have little to do with ending homelessness or providing services, and even less plans for actual resolutions to assist the transient population.

 Our goal is to establish an open dialogue and a viable partnership with the City and the County to create a safe and livable neighborhood preserving the essence and big heart that is Venice.  This can be accomplished economically and aesthetically through thoughtful urban planning and with full transparency from the City, County, VCHC & HCHC during the development process with a joint effort from well informed Venice Residents.

We hope you will accept our invitation to use the information provided on our website as an educational tool.  Please use the Question & Answer format to become familiar with the issues and participate in lively (and hopefully) civil conversations during the next few months.  We look forward to engaging with the Community to promote an alternative vision for the future of Venice by creating a REAL solution that is proactive and successful.


Venice Vision

What do you want your community to look like?

Workshop Presentations