Venice Vision

What do you want your community to look like?

The new day of “Vehicle Dwelling” has arrived!  The below maps are color-coded to show where vehicles will be allowed or not allowed to legally ‘live’.  The enforcement of parking laws requires a street sign posting.  It can be what is allowed or what is not.  Weekly trash pickup and street cleaning are examples of “No Parking” during a certain time and day of the week. 

The bottom Map is of areas OTHER than Venice; notice the areas we have circled to show that the total of car dwelling in these areas amount to less than 12 blocks overall!

GREEN areas allow street car camping at all times. The fear is that this may allow homeless encampments to grow. They will be much larger scale than the current tent encampments.  

In this Vehicle Dwelling plan the
RED areas depict “No Vehicle Dwelling Anytime” which includes areas where there are schools, daycares, or children’s parks. There is "No Parking" within 500 feet of a school.  Other RED designated areas are for assorted other reasons.

 YELLOW designates "NO vehicle dwelling overnight" between 9:00 pm - 6:00 am.  However, it is not determined how the daytime hours will be enforced or if the vehicles will have to move to make room for other cars to park. There are no hourly time restrictions [unless posted] and it is not known if the running of generators or motors will be enforced in terms of noise pollution.