Venice Vision

What do you want your community to look like?

                          VENICE – THE ONLY HOME FOR THE HOMELESS?

Councilman Mike Bonin wants to make Venice just that, by building homeless Permanent Supportive Housing and Low income housing and/or storage at 4 different locations in Venice:
*Westminster Senior Center – across the street from your children’s elementary school
*The Metro Bus Yard on Main Street
*The Venice Parking Lot at Pacific and Venice Blvd.
*The Thatcher yard in the Oxford Triangle.

Venice is only 3.089 square miles

Councilman Bonin is not requesting any new Permanent Supportive Housing or Homeless Storage in the other neighboring areas where he governs:
*No plans for Mar Vista, where he lives (2.9 sq. miles)
*No plans for Brentwood (15.22 sq. miles)
*No plans for in Pacific Palisades  (22.84 sq. miles)

Does this seem fair?

The City Council could have chosen from over 100 city owned sites and made distribution fair for all of the beach communities, yet they didn’t.  Instead they chose 12 sites; 4 are in Venice.

We have a right to be involved in Venice Urban Planning.  We live here.  We have a say.  And the time is now to make your voice heard loudly and clearly.  This should NOT be only in our back yard.

Venice has and always will be open to people of all walks of life.  But the number and scale of homeless initiatives in Venice is alarming & should not exceed the number and scale of its surrounding neighborhoods.  We are concerned that homelessness often brings with it drugs, alcohol, prostitution and gang violence.  The buildings planned for Venice will not require sober living.  They will also not address the current homeless in Venice nor our transient population.  CES applications are for housing the homeless from all areas of the city. 

Call your councilman, call the mayor, call the city council NOW, and let them know that their plans to make Venice a homeless haven is highly unfair.  District 11 can be utilized more fairly; more sites will help more people. Venice is the only location in District 11 being targeted when other neighborhoods have equal, if not more square miles than our small community.

State Senator: Ben Allen

State Representative: Ted Lieu

Mayor:  Garcetti   (213) 978-0600

CD 11:  Bonin:  (213) 473-7011   

Please contact the Venice Vision Group if you have any questions at: