Venice Vision

What do you want your community to look like?

Below are several things you can do easily to sound your voice, be empowered, and make a difference. Sure, singularly one person may not make a dent, but collectively WE CAN do this. WE are a community. WE are neighbors.  You have taken the time to join us here on this site, and that means you care enough to visualize your Venice.

1-Sign the Petition

2-Engage your neighbors!!! Encourage your friends, family, neighbors to take notice of the proposed mass-scale PSH/
Affordable Housing [with added commercial space] projects being planned in our Venice community. Encourage them to get educated on the facts and the impact that these out of character massive scale buildings will create. They will alter the face of your Venice Beach community for generations to come. Ask yourself what the real reason is that these projects are being steamrolled into Venice now, and consider whether or not it will help our current and growing Homeless issues.

3-Send us documentation; if you have a photo, audio clip, video clip, written documents of anything impacting our community on thie issues we’ve been discussing  we would like to see them.  If you see something to report and can capture it, please let us know.

4-Email your councilman, email the mayor, email the city council NOW, and let them know that their plans to make Venice a homeless haven is highly unfair.  District 11 can be utilized more fairly; more sites will help more people. Venice is the only location in District 11 being targeted when other neighborhoods have equal, if not more square miles than our small community. Email them even if you think they don’t care. Make some noise!

State Senator: Ben Allen

State Representative: Ted Lieu

Mayor: Eric Garcetti   (213) 978-0600

CD 11:  Mike Bonin:  (213) 473-7011                                                

Please contact the Venice Vision Group if you have any questions at: